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May 10.

Two hikers from Switzerland, together with the Participants of the Basic Computer Course, visited our city, discovering the beauties.

On this occasion we visited the new B&B Porta della Terra .


Dario Ruggieri is the winner of the 9th Championship Militellese Fanta Calcio.

He won with 3,017 points ahead of Calcio Catania coached by Galante C. Paolo, who totaled 2,989 and Vacci Lisciu of Ragusa - Gulinello with 2,987 points.

Friday, 3 June the President of the Club Grenchen Militello Nello Scirè and the President of the Pro Loco of Militello were guests in the famous radio broadcast of Radio Central Studio "ALLAKATALLA" conducted by Fabio Formosa and Giuseppe Castiglia.

Sunday, June 5 visit to the city in the APAC Pachino accompanied by Nino Gullotta. The half-day excursion saw the most beautiful and touching the monuments of the city accessible. The well-fed group (98 people) have enjoyed our beauties.


There are serious health conditions of Mayor Antonio Lo Presti, who yesterday (5 / 6) reported a severe head injury falling on a mountain bike at a rally in the district of Porta del Principe.

Lo Presti hospitalized in Catania Garibaldi has undergone surgery and is in a coma. (ANSA)

Monday, June 6 at the headquarters of the Pro Loco of Militello, two students have submitted art lovers from Japan.

After the initial amazement, thanks to the collaboration of a trainee we did visit the St. Nicholas Museum.



Tuesday, June 14, the Pro Loco of Militello, with 50 participants, attended the live broadcast "INSIEME" conducted by Salvo La Rosa studio guests the fabulous "Toti e Totino", "Pipitonella", "Orazio Aricò" and the orchestra tribute to Renzo Arbore.



Thursday, June 16 died on Mayor Antonio Lo Presti.

The medical report speaks of death from cardio-circulatory arrest.

Mayor from 1994 to 2003, he held the post since June 2008.

The association Pro Loco is associated with the pain of family members.



June 16: After 11 days of fighting, the mayor of Militello Antonio Lo Presti he died at around 8.30am in the hospital Garibaldi department intensive, where he had been hospitalized for the aftermath of the fall took place Sunday, June 5 bike during a rally cycling.
He leaves his wife and 2 children.

Friday, June 17 international visits continue in Militello Val di Catania, after Switzerland and Japan was once the Australians.
Must see the Museum of St. Nicholas.
Aided by a translator we discovered that the mini-group (8 people) has come to rediscover their roots.

Were held Saturday, June 18 funeral of Mayor Antonio Lo Presti.
Thousands of people, forty mayors, ladies, senators, the prefect of Catania, senior military and the President of the Region attended the Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Caltagirone Bishop Peri at the St. Nicholas Church Mother.

Sunday, June 19 UNITALSI  visited the city of subsection Ragusa.
The large group (144 visitors) has been able to visit all our beauties with considerable effort, especially carers, due to the presence of people in wheelchairs.







Militello at the indoor stadium was held on June 25 and 26 "Trophy of the Regions" Karate and Kickboxing.
In the presence of international caliber athletes who have performed after being awarded on merit by the sports federation, the races were held. To contend for the trophy with 7 Italian regions present.

A regional conference of the Pro Loco of Sicily was held to Aidone (EN) on 26 June. After the greetings, we have entered into the heart of the debate on Cultural Heritage in Sicily with the presence of numerous experts. With the opportunity to have met the Pro Loco "Morgantina Goddess" statue stolen and now back home.


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