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Saturday, July 2 in Piazza Santa Maria della Stella dance performance - theatre by the Ballet  Club entitled "The Divine Comedy". Alfia Biondi choreography, directed by Alfonso Magno and texts Laura Pepe.

Sunday, July 3 was held on the 2nd meeting of cars and motorcycles dedicated to "Felicino Bosco".

Several participants who visited the town, tasted local products and Maxi Pizza final.


Feast of St. Benedict the Abbot from 3 to 'July 11. A full program of events and achievements as a concert by Antonella Arancio (10/7), the carousel quarters (9/7), Rally cars and motorcycles (3/7).


Enjoyed the concert by the singer sicilian Antonella Arancio, during the celebrations of St. Benedict the Abbot, which took place sunday, July 10 in Piazza Municipio.



Michele Zarrillo in Concerto

Saturday, july 23 has revived the publication "Lembasi" by the St. Nicholas Museum.
Satisfaction was expressed by director Franca Barbanti which saw reborn after 16 years, this cultural periodical.

Monday, August 8 was awarded the prize "Di Fazio." Now in its 4th edition, the selection competition reserved for graduates of any faculty with presentation of the thesis on the town of Militello.

Wednesday, August 17th in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele on the occasion of the celebration of Sts. Salvatore has performed in concert the "Homo Sapiens" where have traveled 30 years of their successes.

Saturday, August 20, he performed in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele on the occasion of the celebration of Sts. Salvatore The well-known singer "Michele Zarrillo" in concert.



August 29: With the traditional "Cantata" began the celebrations of the Madonna della Stella, who has covered the game from the shrine parade along the main streets.

September 6: Procession of the "relic" of the Virgin Mary from the church of Our Lady of Vetere and Eucharistic celebration with a gift of a plenary indulgence attached.

Tuesday, September 6 at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II on the occasion of the celebrations of the Madonna della Stella, she has performed in concert the singer Viola Valentino.

Wednesday, Sept. 7 opening of the doors of the chapel, and exhibition of the statue of Maria SS. Stella and after the offering of votive candle by Commissioner Spataro, the Saint was taken from the churchyard.




Wednesday, September 7, preceded by very well Pensiero band performed during the celebrations of Our Lady of the Star, the famous duo of Zero Assoluto.




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