It 'was assigned to the town of Militello national recognition "Meraviglia Italiana". The new "stamp was with drawn on 8 January  in Enna, by the head of the cultural heritage and tourism,  Dr.  Marina  Marino, who hashighlighted "the   commitment  of municipalities militellese on the frontof the historic heritage.

"The voice of the rights of citizenship" was established as a civic committee to defend the closure of the hospital di Militello.

The representative Maria Rosa Riggio filed January 9 the strategies followed to avoid permanent closure by a petition that will be carried out also in neighboring countries.

City Council on January 13, Order of the Day: Termination of Agreement with the City of Palagonia on the service in the form of voice associated with municipal approved by board resolution No. 49 of 07.10.2008.

Present 14

Absent 1 (Greco).
Outcome: to approve the dissolution of the Convention.

Game is Sunday, Jan. 15 to collect signatures to say no to the feared closure of the hospital Militello and his conversion to Pta.

At present it is the spontaneous committee of citizens whose guidance is Maria Rosa Riggio, present also the commissioner of Health of the City of Vizzini.



I manifestanti (foto


ISTAT census up Militello:


*Population  7,892 (12/31/11)

(3,866 Male) +  4,026 (Female)

* Born: 52

(36 Male) + 41  (Female)

* Deceased al 12/31/2011: 85

* People over 64 years residents:

 1,729 (22% population)

Militello also participated in the protest (civil) of pitchforks. Establishments closed and dry supplies have characterized the strike to all sectors. In City Council convened urgently took Word spontaneous movement representatives asking for concrete answers.

22 January - Davide Mellone, motorcycle enthusiast died in a car accident in the territory of Francofonte.

Early reconstructions, man has thrown violently against a light pole. Mellone was part of a group of fans of motocross, leaves his wife and two sons.

25 February was presented at the conference hall of the civic Museum "Sebastiano Guzzone" novel "Climbing the pyramid of salt" by Antonio Conticello.

The author, source of Militello, in the morning that he encountered the IISS classes V presenting a short film.


Concetta Di StefanoNatalie Veronica


2012 has seen in Carnival contest groups form the well-deserved victory of "2012: The prophecy of the Mayan" second "The fascination of Egypt" at 3° "the Smurfs" and last "MTV". Honorees like masks out of competition "il diavolo e l'acquasanta", the Old West, Ghostbusters, and fruits and vegetables.

Tragic accident, which occurred in the vicinity of the Centre of municipal waste collection, saw a Fiat Punto clashing with five people on board, all residents of Palagonia. To ascertain the possible causes of the accident – high speed and lost control of the car for other reasons – will be at the Centre of investigations and evaluations.

In the incident, lost their lives mother and daughter Concetta Di Stefano of 43 years and Natalie Veronica of 21. While recuperating in two other women, mother and daughter, Angela Di Silvestro of 50 years and Lorena Ardizzone of 18, small 7 months has remained unscathed. Funerals have been  celebrated in Palagonia.


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